ShurAds : A New Way To Advertise And Earn Online

I recently joined ShurAds, and have found it is a great advertising platform. You can get guaranteed views plus banner and text advertising.

You can also earn from this program , where you can earn 25 cents per active referral and commissions when they upgrade or buy any advertising.

How Does ShurAds Work?

You can join as a FREE member and view a maximum of 100 ads per day and earn between $0.005 – $0.007 per view.

You can choose to cashout or use your earnings to purchase an upgrade, which I chose to do and earn more.

How To Earn From The 6 Step Progressive Matrix System

Once you become an upgraded member, you can submit entries into the 6 step progressive matrix system.

For every ad that you view, you accumulate reward points  that can be converted to a matrix position.

Each matrix can earn you $6.00 over time. There is also no limit on the amount of matrix positions that you can have.

You can earn from the 6 step matrix system from your downline or anyone that joins after you. This guarantees that your matrix submissions will cycle.

How Much Can You Earn From One Matrix Submission?

One matrix submission can earn you up to $6.00 once you have completed the 6 step matrix. Here is a break down of what you can earn per cycle bonus.

Step 1 Cycle : $0.15

Step 2 Cycle : $0.25

Step 3 Cycle : $ o.40

Step 4 Cycle : $ 0.60

Step 5 Cycle : $1.00

Step 6 Cycle : $3.60

What Payment Processors Do ShurAds Accept?

ShurAds is crypto based, which means they accept bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum and bitcoin cash.

You can fund your account or purchase an upgrade using paypal or your credit/debit card.

As you can see ShurAds has unique features to help you get more traffic to what you are promoting and you can earn at the same time.

Click on the banner below to check out ShurAds.

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