Gotsafelist : The Most Responsive Credit Based Safelist


Gotsafelist : The Most Responsive Credit Based Safelist.


Gotsafelist Trade Credits For CashI have been a member of Gotsafelist for a few years now and get great results from using this site regularly. They have now revamped the site and have more features to help you get more advertising as well as earn great commissions as well.

What Forms Of Advertising Does Gotsafelist Have?

They have many different forms of advertising such as solo ads, text links, online ads and also email ads. They have added a few new features such as the Got Events, which means you will earn points for being active and can win some great prizes such as advertising and cash.

The latest feature to be released at Gotsafelist is the traffic exchange, where you can earn more Got event points, traffic exchange credits and also cash.

To add your sites to the traffic exchange, you simply add your site to the thumbnail hotlinks section and you can easily assign as much credits as you want and also control how many views you want the max per day, which is great if you do not want to waste your credits.


Trade Your Credits For Cash

They also have affordable upgrades and you can trade your credits for cash which is a popular option for all members at Gotsafelist. The higher your upgrade the lower the conversion rate will be.

Gotsafelist Credits to Cash Exchange Rates

The credits to cash feature also has a low $5 minimum payment and paid to your paypal account. They make payments on Monday’s.

If you are looking for a responsive safelist, I highly recommend Gotsafelist.


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