Earn Big Commissions At Enchanted Mails

A brand new viral mailer has just been launched called Enchanted Mails owned by Ria and Tony. Many of the top marketers have already joined and have started promoting. This mailer now has a great list to promote your offer.

They have many affordable upgrades to choose from to suit every budget. I purchased the lifetime platinum founder upgrade for 12.00 and have already earned and been paid 146.00. Here is my screenshot of proof of payment and details of the available upgrades you can purchase.



I just got another payment from Enchanted mails, here is the proof.


Tips On How To Get Referrals

Getting referrals is all down to traffic. So it is important to promote your link as often as you can and I find that writing your own ad copy and personalizing it gives better results.

If you have the resources, try to make your own splash pages so you stand out from the crowd. Sometimes it is hard to get referrals when everyone is promoting the same page.

Advertising your site by purchasing network ads or guaranteed solo views is a great way to get more traffic with less effort.

I personally use blast my ads, promotion magnet, PIF Network, Alien Solos and also referral frenzy. You can purchase Alien Solos and PIF network ads at my TAE, Text Ads Downunder.

The sooner you join and upgrade the higher the commissions you will earn, as you can see I only invested 12.00 and have already earned 146.00.

Click the button below to join.

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